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2016 Charlotte Award Ballot


      Named for the main character in E.B. White's Charlotte's Web, the purpose of the Charlotte Award is to encourage students to read outstanding literature and ultimately become life-long readers.  Additionally, the award recognizes the authors and illustrators of such literature.  Students in New York State will read titles on the ballot and vote for their favorites.  Ballots must be received by May 30, 2016.  Votes will be tallied, and winners will receive their awards at the Annual NYSRA Conference in November 2016.


l  Students may have the books read to them or read the books on their own to become qualified voters.

l  Students are encouraged to read all of the titles in a category, but it is not a requirement. 

l  Students may read books in more than one category and vote in each category.

l  Each reader is entitled to one vote in one or more categories.

l  An adult in a classroom or library setting must monitor voting procedures, and should submit one ballot from each participating classroom or library that indicates the number of votes for each title.



l  VISIT the Charlotte Award Blog at www.charlotteaward.wordpress.com for resources related to each title on the ballot and reviews of the books.

l  USE the books in your school's morning or DEAR program.

l  INVITE a member of the Charlotte Award Committee to come to your school or library to talk about the books and the ballot process.

l  DISPLAY the books in a special spot in the library; tally the votes on a display chart.

l  START a “Charlotte Award Book Club” for students and/or teachers.

l  ASK your parent/teacher organization to help purchase books for your school library.

l  USE the titles in your family reading program or hold a Charlotte Award family event.

l  HAVE older students read the books aloud to younger students.

l  CREATE a Charlotte Award shelf in the library displaying past winners.  Contact us for award stickers for the winners. May 30.

By mail before May 20.

Karen Kondrick, c/o Ripley Central School, Ripley NY 14775

By email before April 15. nysra.charlotte@gmail.com

For more information about the 2014 Charlotte Award, please contact Karen Kondrick at nysra.charlotte@gmail.com


For information on submitting books for the 2018 Charlotte award (books published in 2015-2016, please contact Karen Kondrick at nysra.charlotte@gmail.com

Award winners will be posted on the NYSRA website: www.nysreading.org as soon as possible after the voting deadline.


2016 NYSRA Charlotte Award Committee

Karen Kondrick
Dawn Sweredoski
Debbie Dermady
Eileen LaSpaluto
Helen Stuetzel
Patty Oliphant
Connie L. Martin
Amy Merrill
Michelle Flick
Nadine Bryce

The Charlotte Award Committee considers books that are published for readers up to young adult selections.

We welcome submissions of books that publishers would like us to consider.


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